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Car Repair Loans

Pronto Cash. Car Repair Loans to help you get back on the road, fast!

Need a new set of tyres, or to fix your squeaky brakes? We can help! Pronto Cash finds our customers great loans from $2,100 – $20,000 all within a matter of minutes. So if you’re beloved family car needs a bit of TLC, Apply Now, and we’ll try our best to find a lender that can help get your car running beautifully again.

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No one is ever prepared for their car to break down, or for their washing machine to flood the laundry. These emergencies can be a huge hassle, as well as financially draining. That’s why we’ve developed Pronto Cash, a high tech and highly secure site that helps our customers find loans from $2,100 – $20,000 fast! We work with a great range of Australian Small Amount Lenders, so that we can help get the right lender for you.


That’s right – we’re not like a bank! If you need a Small Loan, all you need to do is complete our application form and submit your bank statements via our secure website. That’s it – Pronto Cash then sources the lender for you! You just need to be over the age of 18, an Australian Resident and have online banking to apply. Pronto Cash – the best way to get a Quick Cash Loan.

“At Pronto Cash we know that you don’t have the time to wait hours just to know where things are at with your loan application. We process your simple online loan application super-fast so that you know exactly where you stand asap.”
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